A poem from summer 2018, about being alive and feeling passionate about life. First published in "The Courage of Living. Letters to Käbi" (Elamise julgus. Kirjad Käbile, 2019).


it’s midsummer 
it’s hot and stuffy 
a bit unusual 
for Estonian lukewarm summers

yet this passion 
burns inside of me 
a passion for life and my vocation 
of being alive 
in the first place 

to commit myself passionately 
to the art of living 
and to do it professionally 
having arrived 
at today 
and not being afraid 
to go on new journeys tomorrow 
which always can 
also lead us astray

but they will not mislead me 
from my pathway 
because it was and is 
still mine 
my experience and my pain 
my passion lived