On the 23 July 2022 me and Mahendra Mahey got married. On this occasion we collected our writings together and compiled them into a story of "just a boy, just a girl".
With Mara Ljutjuk's painting "Blood is thicker then Water" (2014) on the cover and with Kaur Riismaa's design it took a form of a beautiful book.
At the wedding ceremony we read two of the poems from the book: Mahendra's "A Home" and my "the two of us".
The book cannot be found in shops, it was printed as a limited number of copies. Everyone interested to take a look inside, should contact us directly.

Mahendra Mahey "A Home"

Finding a place inside me that is home
A place which feels good 
Warm, comfortable
Full of love, kindness
Forgiveness and infinite bliss

Where I can be me
Where I can face me 
Where I am not afraid
Where I can return to where I came from

A familiar place
An open place
An inviting place

Simple and modest 
Where guests feel at home and are safe 
Where kindness, respect, laughter and fun flourish 
Where things happen to make us shine as human beings 
There is inspiration to do magnificent things 
A space to be humble 
There is a fire 
A warm place 
You can hear nature

I want to share this home and life together...

Together we will share love 
On a spiritual and physical level 
We will transcend sexually and spiritually
We will share the mundane
And see the beauty in the simple things 
We will lift each other when we needed lifting 
We will respect each other
Be kind 
A place where we can be our authentic selves 
Where we can be vulnerable
We choose to be together
And realise that it is a choice each day

We will take care of its magic
We will work really hard not to take it for granted

We will understand, respect
Treasure the incredible gift we have been given

I am ready to do this together
To work, to sacrifice and compromise

A home
Where we can be independent
And not lose us

A Home

Aija Sakova "the two of us"

we are
going to start
all over again

breath it all in
the excitement
the anxiety
the pure joy

arriving in Tallinn
over Warsaw
your past
you did not know
what was awaiting for you
in this wintery city

coming via Helsinki
into the future
summer of this city
you know
a girly women
a homely place

future unfolding itself
trusting itself into our hands
clumsy of excitement
and hunting fears

there are
the two of us now
you know
equally overjoyous
and scared
the boy and the girl
liking each other
and planning to hang out
in the thing
they call life
without competition

with kindness honesty
respect and understanding
a safe place
for exchange
of love
the fuck-ups

a safety net
that we need to braid
the two of us
you know
over space
and time
to hold us
when needed
support and amplify
our love
the you and the me
in our individuality