Photos: Mari Arnover

you literally melt into me
your words
flow through me
into the most far-off parts
of my body 

you fill me 

I am floating
losing touch with reality
and yet
I am
a real physical being
with a firestone
inside of me
and pulsating

you fill me 

my heat
becomes one
with you
inside of me

each day
risking anew
to find
and to lose you

each day
risking anew
to fall into
and get lost in you 

each day
risking anew
not to find the way out of
my inner darkness 

each day
risking anew
since there is no
insurance that
covers the risks
of loving 

loving is always
a struggle
with demons of fear
resentment and rejection

must be an act
of kindness and reaching out
each day
without insurance

to stay quiet
and to listen to myself
to observe
my fears and insecurities
that emerge from
of my inner darkness 

can I be
considerate enough
do I really know
how to be at peace and be content
to live with simplicity amongst the extraordinary
to love without demands
to respect and cherish
and how to be
demanding and caring
towards myself
at the same time 

to stay quiet
and to listen to myself
monitor my breathing
becoming calmer
to observe the voices
that want to shake me off the track
to let them
calm down

it is natural to be scared  
but there is no insurance
against life itself
living is a risk
and loving is
unpredictably beautiful